We support educational projects to promote technology and chemistry among young people. Like C3, the KMHW or Girlsday, especially meant for girls. We also like to help cultural organizations to keep art and culture accessible.

Schnitgerorgan Zwolle Foundation

This year our charity donation will go to the restoration of the 300-year-old Schnitgerorgan in Academyhouse the great church in Zwolle.
The baroque organ with 4 manuals, 63 registers and more than 4400 pipes was built in the years 1719-1721 by the famous organ building family Schnitger.
It is wonderful to contribute to the preservation of this unique musical instrument. This is how we give history a future..

Schnitgerorgan foundation

Centrum Jongeren Communicatie Chemie introduces children and young people to chemistry and life sciences so that they can discover their talents in this field. With that experience, they can make more conscious choices in profie and study in secondary education. Every year Royal Van Wijhe Verf receives students and teachers from primary schools for a guided tour of the factory and a paint making workshop. In addition, Royal Van Wijhe Verf supports C3 in the development of teaching materials for primary schools.


The Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI) is the branch organisation for the chemical industry in the Netherlands. In the chemical industry 45,000 employees work for 390 companies. These companies are important to many other industries. They connect these companies with society, with the government and with each other. One of their efforts is to get young girls excited about chemistry.

Museum de fundatie

Museum de Fundatie owns and manages an extensive collection of visual arts. Collection and exhibitions can be seen at two locations: Kasteel het Nijenhuis with sculpture garden near Heino and Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle. Royal Van Wijhe Verf supports the museum financially.

Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschap

The aim of the Royal Dutch Science Society is to promote and bridge the gap between science and society. This is what the Royal Dutch Science Society has been doing since 1752, in every period in a contemporary way. Royal Van Wijhe Verf sponsors the Encouragement Prize for Chemical Technology for promising students that we desperately need to find solutions for a good future of our planet.