our strategy

Frontrunner in sustainability

Urgent environmental and climate problems require all of us to work more sustainably. Our products and our way of working need to be more economical and smarter. We lead the way in sustainability. That is why we take sustainability seriously and see it as an opportunity to renew our company and the paint sector. We combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest techniques and insights. This is how we bring together our trusted top quality and the required sustainability.

our vision

Contemporary sustainability

With more than 100 years of history, Royal Van Wijhe Verf as a company implements the concept of sustainability well. And it is not just the company itself that has an impressively long lifespan, our brands and products are just as sustainable. As well as the relationships with our employees, distribution partners and customers. This is quite an indication of what sustainability means to us: dealing carefully with what is valuable. We call it contemporary sustainability: devise solutions that actually contribute to a better balance between people, the environment and profit.

That is how high we set our standards

B Corp

Nice words and good plans only have value if they are actually applied and proven in practice. Royal Van Wijhe Verf is therefore also very proud to be the first chemical company in the world with a B Corp certificate because we make a demontrable positive impact on the environment and society.

Sustainable development throughout the supply chain- Supplier Code of Conduct

We emphasize the importance of working with suppliers who share the same values ​​and commitment to sustainable development as we do.

To formalize this, we have set up a Supplier Code of Conduct. In essence, it outlines what we expect from our suppliers to comply with strict standards for social, environmental and ethical practices. By adhering to this Code, our suppliers will contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fully respecting and complying to the OECD Guidelines.

our ambition

be climate-neutral in 2025

Every year, the Dutch paint sector emits as much CO2 as a city the size of Zwolle. These emissions can be reduced by continuously innovating and making them more sustainable. By 2050, the whole of the Netherlands must be climate-neutral. Royal Van Wijhe Verf strives to be climate-neutral as early as 2025. That is why it is our ambition to always keep looking to see if we can do even better or more sustainably. We are happy to meet these challenges together with you, our customers and our partners. We achieve success together.

Royal Van Wijhe Verf as Climate Entrepreneur

Energy supplier Vattenfall has asked Royal Van Wijhe Verf to participate in their video series “Climate Entrepreneurs”. The series focuses on entrepreneurs who are in line with their mission of fossil-free living within one generation. That is to say: without the use of fossil fuels (natural gas, oil and coal).

As a B Corp, Van Wijhe Verf makes a positive impact on the environment and society. Curious how? Watch the video below.